How To Hang A Poster Without Damaging The Wall

How To Hang Compliance Posters Without Damaging Your Wall

When hanging a poster, not damaging the wall is especially important. This means that nails, staples, and tacks are not an option for those who are required to change out posters regularly. So, what’s the best way to hang a poster? We know what you’re thinking—DUCT TAPE—it fixes everything! Not so much! Using this method can ruin more than just your poster. But have no fear, we’ve put together a short list of some of the best methods to keep your walls damage-free.

Tape Methods

1) Painter’s Tape


  • Painter’s tape
  • Level (optional, but highly recommended)
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Your compliance poster

It is important to know that painter’s tape is what you need for this project and not masking tape. The two may seem similar, but the most noticeable difference is that masking tape leaves behind a sticky residue when removed, whereas painter’s tape will leave a clean surface.


Measure your poster’s dimensions.


Determine where your labor law poster will go on the wall.

Wherever you decide, it must be in a conspicuous location where your employees can view it.


Using your measurements, take your painter’s tape and outline your poster shape on the wall, but slightly smaller.



Check that your outline is level, and then apply a small amount
of hot glue to each corner and also along the edges if you want
added security for your poster.




Take your poster and center it on your painter’s tape,
and then—voilà—you’re done.


2) Double-Sided Mounting Tape

You’re probably thinking—but you just said that mounting tape leaves a residue. It does, however, it is still a good option. For those who don’t mind a little cleanup after removing an outdated poster, Goo Gone is a safe alternative that removes sticky surfaces easily. We recommend asking a store specialist for a recommendation on a brand of mounting tape that is best for your wall’s surface. 

Magnet Methods

The use of magnets offers a bit more variety in ways to hang your posters. The method you choose is up to you.  

1) Whiteboard & Magnets


  • Whiteboard
  • Magnets

This method requires the least amount of effort and is incredibly simple. If your office has a large whiteboard available, using this method for posting your labor law posters is the best option. Simply change out your posters and make sure you always have enough magnets around.  

2) Magnetic Paint


  • Magnetic paint of your choosing
  • Magnets

Magnetic paint is perhaps the most frequently used method for posting information in more modern-looking offices. Many businesses utilize an entire wall to write out ideas, notes, or motivational quotes and also hang labor law posters. If you are allowed to paint the walls in your office, we highly recommend using this route. Magnetic paint will keep your walls free of damage and can prove useful for your employees.

3) Paper Clips + Magnets


  • Painter’s tape or masking tape
  • Paper clips
  • Magnetic tape or crafting magnets

Here’s a pretty ingenious poster hanging hack, and it’s incredibly simple:

Step 1: Tape four paperclips to your wall where the four corners of your poster will be.

Step 2: Glue your crafting magnets or your magnetic tape to the four corners of your poster, on top of the taped paper clips, and you’re done!

We hope you enjoy these tips and that they work out well for you.