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How the CCPA Affects California Companies


Generally, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) protects all the “personal information” belonging to “consumers.” The term “consumers” refers to California residents, and the term “personal information” has an expansive definition that refers to any individually identifiable data about the users.   Not all companies are covered by the CCPA. Businesses located in and outside […]

Three States Now Prohibit Discrimination Based on Hairstyle

two females walking next to one another

Following California and New York, in December 2019, New Jersey became the third state to outlaw discrimination against people based on hairstyles associated with race and ethnicity. The “Create a Respectful and Open Workplace for Natural Hair Act” (the “Crown” Act) makes it illegal to discriminate against people at work, school, or in public places […]

CA Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual Harassment Training

In 2018, a new California law went into effect that requires employers with five or more employees to provide training on sexual harassment prevention to all employees: one hour of training for rank-and-file employees and two hours of training to their supervisors. (Previously, California’s sexual harassment training law covered only employers with 50 or more […]

California Meal Periods and Rest Breaks

California Meals & Breaks

It’s important for California employers to understand California labor laws governing meal periods and rest breaks. Otherwise, they may find themselves subject to significant amounts of litigation as well as financial risk from legal penalties. Here is a summary of what California law requires when it comes to employee meal periods and rest breaks. California […]

California Labor Laws and Mandatory Postings

Labor Laws and Mandatory Workplace Postings in California

What notices are required on the 2019 California Labor Law Poster? Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Law Payday Notice Employee Polygraph Protection (EPPA) Pregnancy Rights Occupational Safety and Health Law (OSHA) Safety and Health Protection on the Job Access to Medical and Exposure Records Smoking Signs Emergency Response Phone Numbers Time Off to Vote Family Care […]