5 Resolutions to Improve Your Labor Law Compliance for 2020

New Years Resolutions 2020

New Years Resolutions 2020

Get your business is in tip-top shape to meet 2020 compliance goals and avoid missing a mandatory labor law notice.


Here are five resolutions that can position your company for a prosperous and legally healthy new year.


  1. Review your policies and procedures.

Are all your policies and procedures up to date? Do they reflect your company’s current practices as well as the current state of the law? If any labor laws have changed recently in your state or locality, make sure that you have incorporated their requirements into your policies and employee handbook, as necessary.


  1. Check your worker classifications.

Recent changes have raised the earning thresholds for exemption under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and go into effect on January 1, 2020. Now, many employees who were previously ineligible will be able to collect overtime pay. Changes in other state laws, including California’s labor laws, also make it more difficult to classify some workers as independent contractors and not as employees. Review your employee roster to determine whether you have correctly classified your employees as salaried or exempt and as contractors or employees.


  1. Review your recordkeeping practices.

Although many labor laws require employers to keep track of records, not all employers are 100% compliant. And as your company grows, you must take on additional reporting responsibilities. Check the reporting requirements for a company of your size and your industry and assess your records now for any gaps. If you find any problems, train your employees and institute practices to improve going forward.


  1. Share all required information with employees.

Various statutes and regulations require employers to share information with their employees. Make sure that you are complying with all applicable laws and disseminating the correct information on time, including any policies, procedures, or employee handbooks that you’ve updated. Make sure you’ve given your employees enough details to help them understand any changes. Don’t forget to offer any training, such as sexual harassment training, that may be required or recommended under the law.


  1. Check the dates on your labor law posters.

When’s the last time you looked at the labor law posters hanging in your breakroom? Do you have the complete set of federal, state, and local posters that are required for your city and state? To make sure you have the latest and greatest versions of each poster, check your wall against our handy checklist, organized by state, on the Poster Compliance website. Or check out our Poster Advisor Tool, which will tell you which posters are required in just seven easy steps.


By implementing these five resolutions—and following up on them throughout the year—you’ll make sure that your company starts 2020 on the right foot.