Where Should You Post Your Labor Law Posters?

image of hospital in where should I display labor law posters

Most employers know that it is crucial to comply with labor laws and ensure that your employees are aware of their rights and protections by displaying mandatory notices in the workplace. However, determining the appropriate locations for these posters is often overlooked and can be confusing. In this blog post, we will explore the requirements and best practices for posting labor law posters to ensure your employees have appropriate access to the necessary information.

1. Labor law posters must be placed in an accessible location

When displaying labor law posters, the first factor to consider is accessibility. The posters must be placed in a conspicuous location where all employees can easily access them. Common areas such as breakrooms, common hallways, or near time clocks are ideal spots. By choosing locations that are frequented by employees, you can ensure that they have ample opportunity to review the posters and stay informed about their rights.

2. Multiple buildings at one address

If your organization operates from multiple buildings located at a single address, it’s important to assess whether all employees regularly visit the location where labor law posters are typically posted. If all employees do not regularly visit that central location, it is advisable to post the posters in each building to meet your compliance obligations. Failing to do so might lead to some employees being unaware of their rights, potentially violating labor laws.

3. Multiple floors or breakrooms

In the case of a building with multiple floors, or if you have designated break rooms, you might wonder whether you need to post labor law posters on each floor or if displaying them in a central location such as the cafeteria would suffice. The answer depends on whether all employees regularly visit the central location. If employees do not report to a common area on a regular basis, you must post the notices on each floor or break room to ensure compliance with state, federal, and city/county regulations. However, if you can demonstrate that all employees routinely visit one floor or location, such as the cafeteria, then posting the employment law notices there would meet the compliance requirements.

A hospital as a good example of when you might need multiple posters in the same building. Many hospitals have multiple floors or wings with different levels of access. Staff who specialize in a certain type of care may never even visit or have access to other parts of the building. For instance, the administrative staff, maintenance crew, and surgeons likely all utilize different breakrooms or common areas.   

4. Avoid common labor law poster pitfalls

While posting labor law posters, be cautious about potential pitfalls that might compromise accessibility. Placing posters behind doors, in managers’ offices, or at heights that make them difficult to read can be considered violations of the law. Remember, the goal is to ensure that all employees have equal access to the posters and can easily read the information provided.

What you should do to ensure compliance:

Complying with labor law poster requirements is essential for employers to keep their employees informed about their rights and protections. By placing labor law posters in conspicuous locations accessible to all employees, such as breakrooms, common hallways, or near time clocks, you demonstrate your commitment to transparency and adherence to legal obligations. Moreover, if your organization spans multiple buildings or floors, it is important to assess the regularity of employee visits to determine whether additional postings are necessary. By following these guidelines, you can foster a work environment that values compliance, employee well-being, and informed decision-making.

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