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Recent Updates

Minimum Wage (Jan 2018)

  • The minimum wage increases to $13.00 per hour effective Jan. 1, 2018.
  • Starting in 2020, annual increases based on local CPI will occur each Jan. 1.


Know Your Rights (Jan 2018)

  • New minimum wage rate of $13.00 effective Jan. 1, 2018 updated on notice.


Ordinance Basics & Responsibilities (Jan 2018)

  • New notice outlines employer responsibilities related to Minimum Wage Ordinance.
  • Employer must post the minimum wage bulletin in the workplace; document all hours worked by employees and keep records for 4 years; and provide each employee, at the time of hire, with employer’s name, address, and phone number.


Other changes:
Know Your Rights – Feb 2017
Minimum Wage – Jan 2017



Santa Clara CA Posting Requirements

Mandatory Santa Clara CA Labor Law Notices

  • Minimum Wage – $13.00 effective 1/1/18
  • Know Your Rights
  • Ordinance Basics & Responsibilities



Other Mandatory Requirements

Must also post State and Federal Labor Law Posters


Employment posters must be posted in a conspicuous location.

  • Includes mandatory Santa Clara CA labor law posting requirements
  • Available in laminated for durability or environmentally-friendly unlaminated Go Green
  • Choose poster only or FREE automatic updates for 1 year
California Posting Requirements

Mandatory California Labor Law Notices

  • Minimum Wage rates – effective 1/1/18
    • Businesses with 26 or more employees:
      $11.00 per hour
    • Businesses with 25 or fewer employees:
      $10.50 per hour
  • Payday Notice
  • Unemployment Insurance/Paid Family Leave/Disability
  • Workplace Discrimination
  • Occupational Safety and Health Law – Cal OSHA
  • Emergency Numbers
  • Access to Medical Records
  • Rights as a Pregnant Employee (formerly “Notice A”)
  • Family Care/Medical Leave (formerly “Notice B”)
  • Workers’ Compensation (Injuries Caused by Work)
  • Time Off to Vote
  • Whistleblowers
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Transgender Rights
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Santa Clara CA poster is 11″w by 17″h

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