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Minimum Wage & Unemployment Updates for Rhode Island

While the New Year is fast approaching, two states with January 1, 2019 minimum wage increases have not yet released their updated notices. However, the small but mighty state of Rhode Island has made it to the finish line ahead of these remaining and much larger states, Michigan and New York. Rhode Island’s Department of […]

New Minimum Wage Rates for Employees in Rhode Island

Last year (can you believe it’s already 2018?), we reported that Rhode Island’s minimum wage would be increasing on January 1, 2018, and that the rate would increase again in January of 2019. Rhode Island’s Department of Labor and Training (DLT) has just released the updated 2018 Minimum Wage notice, along with the state’s other […]

Minimum Wage on the Rise in Rhode Island

In early August 2017, the Governor of Rhode Island signed a state budget that includes a minimum wage increase over the next two years. The first increase will take effect January 1, 2018, followed by another increase in 2019. Several minimum wage bills were introduced in 2017, some of which outlined higher minimum wage rates […]

New Rules for Applying for Temporary Disability & Caregiver Benefits in Rhode Island

Rhode Island just updated its Unemployment/Disability Benefits notice, which has a new revision date of 7/2017. Keep reading to find out all the details employers and employees need to know. Here’s What’s Changing—Or Not—in the “Ocean State” Most of the information on the notice remains the same, including the Unemployment Insurance Benefits and Employment and Training Services sections. In […]

Looking Out for the Rhode Island Minimum Wage Update

Another state with a predetermined 2016 minimum wage increase is Rhode Island, and we are frequently checking for the new poster that will reflect the increase to $9.60 on January 1, 2016. A Quick Refresh As we discussed in our recent blog on the Rhode Island minimum wage increase, Rhode Island’s minimum wage has increased […]

2016 Rhode Island Minimum Wage

Nicknamed the “Ocean State”, Rhode Island is making waves with a new minimum wage in 2016. This will require another update to the compliance posters. “Increasing the minimum wage isn’t just the right thing to do on behalf of working families, it’s the smart thing to do for the economy,” said U.S. Secretary of Labor […]