2020 Minimum Wage for City of San Mateo

San Mateo

San Mateo

On January 1, 2020, San Mateo’s minimum wage will increase to $15.38 per hour for all employees who work at least 2 hours per week within the geographic boundaries of the city, including workers under the age of 18.  

This annual adjustment to the minimum wage applies to employers who are subject to the City of San Mateo Business License Tax or employers who maintain a business in the city. Employers should note that tips and other benefits may not be considered an offset to the minimum wage.

While the 2020 Minimum Wage notice is now available, employers must continue to post the 2019 notice in their workplaces. The new notice will be sent out to our San Mateo customers in December, in plenty of time prior to the January 1 effective date.

The city has created an additional notice with information for employers and employees on the minimum wage requirements; however, this notice is not a required posting.

Requirements of the Minimum Wage Ordinance

In addition to posting the Minimum Wage notice in a prominent place at the worksite, San Mateo employers are required to give written notification to all current and new employees, upon hire, of their rights under the ordinance. Employers must also provide employees with the employer’s name, address, and telephone number, in writing, upon hire.

Violations of the Minimum Wage Ordinance

San Mateo employees covered under the ordinance are entitled to all rights, regardless of immigration status.

Under the ordinance, employers may not retaliate against employees for making a complaint to the city regarding their right to receive the correct minimum wage.

Possible violations of the Minimum Wage Ordinance will be investigated, and if necessary, the City of San Mateo will take enforcement action; for example, reinstating and paying back wages to an employee, as well as imposing civil penalties against an employer.

We Can Keep You in Compliance!

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