2020 Mountain View Minimum Wage Increases

Mountain View, CA

Mountain View, CA

On January 1, 2020, the minimum wage in the City of Mountain View, California will be on the rise.

Minimum Wage Requirements in Mountain View


Beginning January 1, 2020, and annually thereafter, the City of Mountain View will adjust the minimum wage based on the Regional Consumer Price Index.

In 2020, employers who are subject to the Mountain View Business License Tax or who maintain a facility in Mountain View must pay adult and minor employees who work at least 2 hours per week in the city a minimum wage of at least $16.05 per hour.


Under the Mountain View Minimum Wage Ordinance, employees who exercise their rights to receive the $16.05 minimum wage are protected from retaliation by their employer.

In the event that an employee is not paid the correct minimum wage, the employee may file a civil lawsuit against the employer for violating the ordinance, or the employee may choose to file a complaint with the City Manager’s Office.

Just like many other cities in California with a municipal minimum wage, the City of Mountain View will investigate possible violations of the ordinance and will need access to the employer’s payroll records. When enforcing violations, the city may order reinstatement of employees, in addition to payment of back wages withheld illegally by the employer plus penalties.



In addition to posting the Minimum Wage notice in a place where all employees can easily see it, Mountain View employers are responsible for translating the notice into languages spoken by 5 percent or more of their employees.


We Can Keep You in Compliance

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