New Minimum Wage Requirements for the City of Alameda

As we reported a few weeks ago, on October 2, 2018, the Alameda City Council passed a new Minimum Wage Ordinance calling for stepped minimum wage increases to $15.00 per hour.

The City of Alameda recently issued an update to the Minimum Wage notice, which includes new information on language requirements and new details related to violations of the ordinance.

Language Requirements for Alameda’s Minimum Wage

Previously, Alameda’s language requirements were as follows: “The Minimum Wage notice must be posted in the top 5 languages spoken by residents of the city, as determined by the City Manager.”

In May 2019, when the notice was first issued, the required languages were English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Our previous poster reflected all 5 languages.

The updated version of the notice now states that it must be provided “in English and an employee’s preferred language if requested.” However, at the bottom of the notice, the city has included the $13.50 minimum wage amount and July 1, 2019, effective date in Vietnamese, Korean, Spanish, and Chinese. Our updated poster now includes the single Minimum Wage notice the city has provided.

Employers who receive requests for the notice in particular languages must comply with this new requirement.

Violations of the Minimum Wage Ordinance

For any violation of the Minimum Wage Ordinance, employees may now file both a civil lawsuit against their employers and a complaint with the city, or they may choose just one of the options.

In addition, the notice now makes it clear that the city will (rather than may) investigate possible violations of the ordinance.

We Can Keep You in Compliance

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