Changes to Kentucky’s Wage & Hour, Wage Discrimination, and Safety & Health Notices

The Kentucky Labor Cabinet has been busy updating the Wage & Hour, Wage Discrimination, and Safety and Health workplace notices. Based on these changes, our customers in Kentucky must order a new state poster for their workplaces.

What’s New for Kentucky?

Updates to Wage & Hour

The Wage & Hour notice, which has a new publication date of 2/8/19, has undergone quite a makeover. The new layout is streamlined and much easier to read. Wage amounts prior to July 1, 2009, when the minimum wage increased to Kentucky’s current wage of $7.25 per hour, have been removed from the notice, along with other information outlined below.

Details about employees who are exempt from being paid time and a half for work done on the seventh day of a workweek have been removed.

Plus, the references to employees and employers who are subject to the Federal Railway Labor Act have been deleted from the Rest Periods and Lunch Periods sections of the notice.

Last but certainly not least, the laundry list of employees who are exempt from the minimum wage and those who are exempt from overtime have been removed. However, employers and employees should be aware that certain exemptions still apply. Anyone with questions about the exemptions—and anything else related to the Wage & Hour laws—should call the new phone number on the notice: (502) 564-3534.

Updates to Wage Discrimination

Unlike Wage & Hour, the Wage Discrimination notice has undergone just a couple of changes, starting with a new publication date of 2/11/19. The notice now states 1) All employers (previously “employers under the Act”) must post the abstract of the law—the notice; and 2) Any employer who discriminates based on sex (previously “who violates this Act”) must pay the affected employees their unpaid wages.

Updates to Safety & Health  

The Safety & Health notice has a new publication date of February 2019 and just one important update. The Governor of Kentucky has issued Executive Order 2018-586. Under the order, effective July 16, 2018, the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board has been abolished. All duties of the Board transfer to the Kentucky Labor Cabinet’s Office of the Secretary.

We Make Compliance Easy!

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