Colorado Releases Proposed 2016 Wage Increase Rates

Each year, Colorado releases the amounts of the proposed minimum wage increase for 2016 before there is a decision on formally adopting the new wage. This year, the minimum wage will move from $8.23 to $8.31, and the tipped minimum wage will move from $5.21 to $5.29.

What Happens Next?

There are several steps that need to happen before Colorado increases its minimum wage. The state has a public hearing scheduled for November 9th in order to hear commentary about the new 2016 wage amounts. Sometime after the hearing, the 2016 minimum wage rate will be formally adopted, and only after that will a new minimum wage labor law poster be available.

We will watch every step of the process to make sure that our customers will have the most up-to-date information, and will have the required poster update as soon as possible!

Staying On Top

Though it is true that many labor law poster updates occur at the end of the year, changes happen year round. To avoid having to re-order posters, sign up for the OneSystem 1-Year Compliance Plan and enjoy 12 months of free automatic updates. We’ll keep you comfortably in compliance all year round!