Colorado’s New Standards for Overtime and Minimum Pay

Denver Colorado

Denver Colorado

At long last, Colorado’s Department of Labor and Employment has issued the new Colorado Overtime and Minimum Pay Standards OrderCOMPS Order #36—which must be posted in workplaces, in both English and Spanish, by March 16, 2020.


As of January 1, 2020, Colorado’s minimum wage is adjusted annually based on inflation. For the year 2020, the state’s minimum wage is $12.00 per hour or $8.98 for tipped employees. Unemancipated minors may be paid 15% below the minimum wage.


The new COMPS Order #36 includes additional information on the topics below.


When it is practical, meal periods of 30 minutes must occur at least 1 hour after the start of a shift and 1 hour before the end of a shift.


Rest periods lasting 10 minutes have been standard; however, two 5-minute rest periods are now permitted under these circumstances:

  • If employees and employers agree voluntarily, without being coerced
  • If a 5-minute break gives the employee enough time to go back and forth to the restroom or another place where a break might be taken


Employees must now be compensated for time spent doing the following in the workplace:

  • Putting on and taking off work clothes and work gear
  • Clocking/checking in and out
  • Undergoing security/safety screenings
  • Waiting for work assignments and receiving or sharing work-related information
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