Connecticut Issues Two More Labor Law Changes

Due to the recent passage of Public Act No. 17-127, effective October 1, 2017, Connecticut just updated its Discrimination Is the Law notice to include protections for veterans.

The state also added some information to its Workers’ Compensation notice related to filing claims. The updated notice has a revision date of 10/1/17.

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Workplace Posting Updates

Discrimination Is the Law

Public Act No. 17-127 prohibits discrimination against veterans in the following areas:

  1. Employment
  2. Housing & Public Accommodations
  3. Credit Transactions

On the Discrimination notice, “veteran status” has been added to the list of prohibited categories in each of the three areas.

Workers’ Compensation

The updated notice now states that employees must fill out and submit the Workers’ Compensation Commission’s Form 30C when filing a claim. As noted previously on the poster, an injury report is not considered an official means of reporting a workers’ comp claim.

In addition, the Workers’ Compensation Commission has added an option for employers, who may choose to write on the notice a location where employees must file their claims.

If an employer provides a location on the notice, then employees are required to send their claims to that location by certified mail. If an employer does not provide a location, then employees must ask their employer where they should file a claim.

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