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Owning your own business can be a delight; the freedom, the challenge, the sense of personal achievement. Watching your fledgling company grow and spill out of your home office and into its very own office space can be the most exciting part. But with greater size, greater problems arise… which can be especially true when it comes to labor law compliance.

Keep reading to learn more about the perils of keeping a multi-location business compliant with labor law posters. But don’t worry: we have a solution to all these problems, too. If you find the information below all too familiar, get in touch with us about our corporate solutions.  We can provide you with dedicated account managers to keep your company in compliance all year round.


More People and Places

More buildings typically mean more employees, and more employees mean more sets of eyes that need to be able to readily view labor law posters. Of course, you’ll need sets of posters that are easily accessible at each of your locations. But what you might not know is that if you have multiple buildings at the same location, you need to have posters displayed in all of them. If you only have posters displayed in your main building and some employees in other buildings, you won’t be in compliance.

Plus, if you have employees who work on separate floors, you must display posters on each floor so that all employees have equal access to them. Make sure you display posters in any areas where employees spend a significant amount of time. Break rooms, common rooms, lunchrooms, kitchens, or near the time clock are good options.


Across State Lines

Keeping one location in one state compliant with all the changes made to labor law can be tricky. However, your labor law compliance issues will get exponentially more complicated if your company expands over state lines. States like California and New York have industry-specific minimum wage notices that have to be displayed alongside the general minimum wage notice. Furthermore, you may need to display unemployment and workers’ compensation,  OSHA, and other notices particular to each state. You can see how drastically compliance requirements can vary by looking at our recap of labor law updates so far in 2019.


Everything Else

Unfortunately, we’re not done yet. Your need for flexibility will grow as your company does, and remote workers can be the perfect fit. But are you aware that your labor law posters need to be available to remote employees as well? Have no fear. Poster Compliance Center’s Virtual Compliance Guide is a perfect solution for remote employees. They’ll be able to view the labor law notices from their personal computers or mobile device.

And here’s another thing you might not have thought about – even job applicants need to be able to see certain federal compliance posters. Three different posters, to be exact. These posters are available on our Federal Applicant Edition poster. However, for virtual applicants, employers must provide these posters electronically.


As you can imagine, all of these factors become exponentially more confusing the more locations you have, each with their own needs. We’re here to help if you’re ready to let someone else worry about the many aspects of poster compliance.


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