Georgia Updates Unemployment Insurance Notice

Georgia’s Department of Labor just released an update to the Unemployment Insurance (UI) notice regarding filing benefit claims. The notice has a revision date of 6/18.

What’s New?

One of the updates to the notice makes it easier to file benefits claims online. While the previous UI notice stated that employees may file claims via the Internet, a web link for doing so was not provided. The notice now includes the following website address:

The notice also provides updated information on submitting claims in person, which can be done at any Georgia DOL Career Center. The list of Career Center offices where claims may be filed now includes the City of Atlanta. Several other cities have been removed from the list.

One last chance to the notice is that previous information about employees providing a separation notice from their employer when filing claims in person has been removed.

What’s the Same?

The Unemployment Insurance notice outlines the important requirements of the Employment Security Law for both employees and employers. For each week employees claim unemployment benefits, they must:

  • Be unemployed, able to work, available for work, actively seeking work, and willing to immediately accept suitable work
  • Register for employment services with the Georgia DOL
  • Report their weekly work search contacts, all their earnings for each week, and any jobs they have refused

A note to employers states that they may not deduct money from an employee’s paycheck to pay the unemployment insurance tax. This is because funding for unemployment insurance benefits comes from the taxes that employers pay.

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