Idaho’s Updated Discrimination Poster Has Just Been Released

Idaho—a “gem” of a state—has just updated its Discrimination in Employment poster, which is produced by the Idaho Commission on Human Rights (IDCHR). The poster has a new revision date of 3/1/17.

What Changes Has the IDCHR Implemented?

In the list of discrimination categories, the poster now reflects that age discrimination is prohibited against individuals who are 40 years of age and above.

Anti-retaliation language has been added. The poster states that retaliation against individuals who exercise their rights under Idaho’s anti-discrimination laws is prohibited.

Also included is some information about the ICHR for employees and employers. In addition to processing charges of discrimination, the ICHR provides technical assistance and educational programs—upon request—to businesses, human resource groups, and others.

Rounding out the updates to the poster is new contact information for the IDCHR. These include a new street address, phone and fax numbers, as well as email and website addresses.

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