Mandatory Changes Made to the North Dakota Minimum Wage Poster

Although the state minimum wage rate is staying at $7.25 an hour, other changes have occurred that affect North Dakota employers and employees.

What Has Changed On the Minimum Wage Poster?

The North Dakota minimum wage poster (“Minimum Wage and Work Conditions”) has a new effective date of August 1, 2015 as well as several changes. Following the trend of many other states, pregnancy has been added to the list of categories for which discrimination is prohibited. The poster also specifies new limitations on paid time off, and updated information about tip credits.

Staying On Top of Other Changes

Although some employers may assume that posters, such as minimum wage, only change when the minimum wage amount increases, this is certainly not always the case. Minimum wage posters often include information, such as wage laws, employee protection laws, and other information, that is essential for employees. This material can change frequently as new laws are passed, and thus posters will be updated accordingly.

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