Minimum Wage Update and More on Maine’s Poster

Earlier this fall we reported that on January 1, 2018, employees in Maine will receive another increase in the minimum wage. Our Research Department is happy to report that Maine’s 2018 minimum wage notice has just been released. However, employers in Maine should be aware that the Department of Labor has made changes to the state’s notice about computer operator safety, which will appear on our January 1, 2018, poster. Details of the minimum wage and this additional change are outlined below.

Minimum Wage Requirements

Annual Increases & Tipped Wage

As we reported previously, Maine’s minimum wage is increasing to $10.00 per hour on January 1, 2018. The minimum wage is subject to annual increases on January 1 until the wage rate reaches $12.00 in 2020.

Tipped employees may now be paid no more than 50 percent of the state’s hourly minimum wage, which is $5.00 as of 1/1/18.

New Information for Computer Operators

Maine’s notice about safety for computer operators has been updated and has a new title: Video Display Terminals. The notice includes details of the Maine Video Display Terminal (VDT) law, which provides certain rights to people who use computers for work.

Computer Education & Training Program

Employers are required to create an education and training program for computer operators within 30 days of employment and annually thereafter. The program must be provided both orally and in writing. However, employers who use fewer than 5 terminals in one location may provide the program in writing only.

In addition, as part of the program, employers must:

  • Post a copy of the notice in the workplace in a prominent location, informing employees of the rights and duties created under the law
  • Provide an explanation or description of the correct use of terminals and the protective measures computer operators may take to avoid or minimize injuries that may result from long-term or incorrect usage
  • Include instructions on the importance of maintaining correct posture, and a description of how to achieve this, while operating a computer terminal or using any adjustable work station equipment

We’re Here to Help You Stay in Compliance

If you have not already done so, order our 1-Year Compliance Plan, so that you will automatically receive the updated Maine poster as soon as it becomes available. And because we provide free poster updates for mandatory changes, no matter how many occur during the 12-month period, you can count on us to keep you in compliance!