Missouri Minimum Wage Remains the Same for 2016

Similar to Oregon, Missouri’s minimum wage rate is unchanged for 2016 and an update to the minimum wage labor law poster is not required.

Ironing Out the Details

Even though Missouri has released a 2016 minimum wage poster, the state says that the 2015 version remains in compliance because the minimum wage rate will remain at last year’s rate of $7.65. The only changes on the 2016 version are the dates, and these changes are not significant enough to warrant an update to your labor law posters.

The Tracking Continues

Here at Poster Compliance Center, we work to track and verify changes so that our customers have the most reliable information available. We will only update our posters when a change is mandatory to maintain compliance, and that means that you can trust you are never spending more than you need to. Even though this Missouri change was not required, there may be a mandatory labor law poster update at any point. To keep your compliance worry free, sign up for our OneSystem 1-Year Compliance Plan and know that you will be covered for an entire year if any changes were to occur.