Mountain View’s Minimum Wage Remains the Same for 2016

Following the trend of other cities and states with annual CPI minimum wage calculations, Mountain View will not have an increase on January 1, 2016 and the rate will remain at $10.30.

No Poster Update Required

As soon as we heard that Mountain View would not have an annual increase, we wrote to the City to see if there would still be a required update to the minimum wage poster. An official confirmed that there would not be a mandatory update to the labor law poster, and that the 2015 versions are still in compliance for 2016.

Watching for Future Changes

Although the minimum wage will not increase this year under the current law, Mountain View is presently considering an alternate wage law. The City is working with Sunnyvale to create a potential shared minimum wage ordinance.  The goal for the law is to have annual wage increases in order to reach $18.00 by 2018. We are tracking this law carefully, and will update our Mountain View poster if a new required notice becomes available.

To stay on top of this change, and any other changes that may come up during the year, enroll in Poster Compliance Center’s City 1-Year Plan. You will automatically receive updates for a full 12 months and can trust that you are covered.