Three New Labor Law Posters for Nevada Employers in 2022


Earlier this year, Nevada labor law agencies released new versions of three critical posters that employers must ensure they have displayed in the workplace for their employees affecting employee safety, workers’ compensation, and job training. Employers need to be aware of these changes and make sure they have shared the most recent versions of these posters to comply with their legal obligations.


Here is a summary of the changes to these labor law posters.

New Labor Law Poster 1: Nevada Safety and Health Protection on the Job

In January 2022, the Nevada Occupational Safety and Health Administration published a new version of its Nevada Safety and Health Protection on the Job poster. The key update that employers need to know about is in the proposed penalty section.

For 2022, Nevada OSHA may impose a penalty of up to $14,502 for each serious violation or nonserious violation. A failure to correct any safety violation can also be subject to an additional penalty of $14,502 per day that the violation goes uncorrected. If an employer willfully or repeatedly violates the state Safety and Health Act, it may be fined up to $145,027 for every violation, plus face additional criminal penalties—especially if a willful violation results in an employee’s death.

Note that posting violations are also subject to a maximum penalty of $14,502. Employers should post this notice in English and Spanish.

The new penalty amounts represent a 6.22% increase over the 2021 penalties.


Nevada Labor Law Poster 2: Workers’ Compensation

The new version of this poster includes contact information for employees who need assistance with workers’ comp issues. The contact information for the Governor’s Office for Consumer Health Assistance, which, despite its name, also helps injured employees understand their rights and responsibilities under industrial health care insurance plans and policies.

The poster also specifies that the source for information on the poster is Chapters 616A through 616D and 617 of the Nevada Revised Statutes, which is titled “Industrial Insurance: Administration.”

Earlier versions of the poster no longer comply with Nevada law.


Nevada Labor Law Poster 3: Unemployment Services

A new law enacted in 2021 requires the Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation (DETR) to prepare a notice regarding its job training and employment programs every year. All private employers must post the notice for employee review. The notice must include details about the Career Enhancement Program, Nevada JobConnect, and more.

The new version of the poster, which includes a lengthy list of training resources, is dated January 1, 2022. The poster is available in English and Spanish.


Next Steps for Nevada Employers

Immediately check the dates on the posters displayed in your workplace. If any of your posters are out of date, it’s time to replace them.

At Poster Compliance Center, we prepare new versions of state labor law posters every time there’s a mandatory update, like the ones above. And if you subscribe to our 1-Year Compliance Plan, you’ll get updates automatically for the next year, so you’ll never have to worry about being out of date again. (If you subscribe for two or three years, you can also save up to 15%).


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