New 2019 Minimum Wage Poster for Tacoma

Employees in the City of Tacoma, Washington will soon be getting a minimum wage increase, based on a voter-approved initiative that passed in January of 2015.

Details of Tacoma’s Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage Rates

Under Tacoma’s Minimum Wage Law, the city has been subject to scheduled increases through January 1, 2018, when the minimum wage reached $12.00. Beginning January 1, 2019, and every year thereafter, the city will be subject to annual minimum wage adjustments based on the rate of inflation.

As of January 1, 2019, employers must pay a minimum wage of $12.35 per hour to nearly all employees who work 80 or more hours per year within the city limits. This requirement applies to all private, non-profit, and city government employers. Just like the Washington State law, tips do not count toward the minimum wage.

Minimum Wage Exemptions

Employees who are exempt from Tacoma’s minimum wage include youth under the age of 16, who must be paid according to Washington State law, as well as workers who are covered by special state certificates, such as disabled workers, students, and apprentices.

Employers who are exempt from the city minimum wage include federal government and tribal government entities.

Retaliation Provisions

The Minimum Wage law prohibits employers from taking adverse action against employees who exercise their rights under the law. Employees can find information on how to report wage violations at the following website:

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