New Jersey Issues Update to Earned Sick Leave Notice

Back in October 2018, we reported on New Jersey’s 2019 minimum wage and the state’s new Earned Sick Leave law.

Lo and behold, we must now report that New Jersey’s Department of Labor and Workforce Development has issued an updated version of the Earned Sick Leave (ESL) notice with a new publication date of 1/19. As such, employers in New Jersey are required to post the newly issued ESL notice in a conspicuous and accessible location at all workplaces.  

Additional Details of the Earned Sick Leave Law

The updated Earned Sick Leave notice includes important information for employers and employees about benefits under the law.

The notice now states that employees can begin using accrued sick leave on February 26, 2019, or the 120th calendar day after they begin employment, whichever is later.

In addition, employers may choose to provide more generous ESL benefits than those required under the law, and they may also allow employees to use earned sick leave at an earlier date.

As we stated in our previous New Jersey blog, employers are required to provide written notice to all employees of their rights under the law. To meet this requirement, a copy of the updated Earned Sick Leave notice with the 1/19 publication date must be given to new employees at the onset of employment.

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