New Minimum Wage Poster for San Francisco

The City of San Francisco just released an updated Minimum Wage poster, which reflects new wages effective July 1, 2017.

What’s New for Workers in the City by the Bay?

The Minimum Wage poster has a new look in addition to updated wages. But as noted on the city’s previous poster, the minimum wage requirement still applies to adult and minor employees who work two or more hours per week.

Beginning July 1, 2017, all employers must pay all of their employees who work in the city—including temporary and part-time staff—at least $14.00 per hour.

New to the poster is a lower wage for some employees under the age of 18 and over age 55 who work at government-subsidized non-profit organizations. For these workers, the minimum wage is $12.87 per hour.

We Can Help You Stay in Compliance

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