New Required 2016 Minimum Wage Poster Available for Albuquerque

Albuquerque, NM recently released the 2016 update to the minimum wage poster, and this new version is required to post.

Clearing Up Any Confusion

Although the minimum wage rate for Albuquerque will remain at $8.75 for 2016, the City says that it is required that all employers update their posters to the most recent version. The new poster shows how the percentage change of the CPI was negative for 2015, and thus the wages will remain unchanged in 2016. For those employers that provide healthcare, the minimum wage remains at $7.75, and the tipped minimum wage will also remain the same at $5.25 per hour.

Clear as Mud

The end of 2015 has served as a perfect example of why labor law compliance is so confusing. Some states and cities with annual CPI calculations had increases, some didn’t, and some required a poster update even if just the dates changed on the poster. The lesson here is that while tracking labor law compliance can be chaotic, you can benefit from the time that we spend at Poster Compliance Center rooting out the real requirements. With us, your compliance is covered.