Ohio Releases Required Minimum Wage Poster for 2016

Despite the Ohio minimum wage remaining unchanged at $8.10 for 2016, OH has released a mandatory update to its minimum wage labor law poster.

Small Changes Made

Since the wage and tipped minimum wage ($4.05) stayed the same as it was last year, Ohio only made a few small changes to the poster. The year at the top of the poster has changed to 2016, the name of the director has updated, and the revision date of 9-30-15 has changed as well. We contacted the Ohio Department of Commerce, and they confirmed that the most recent revision of the poster is mandatory to post.

We are updating our Ohio poster with this recent required change.

Stay Reassured About Compliance

Even though the minimum wage did not change for Ohio, it is still mandatory to update OH posters to the most recent version. Only when we contacted the state did we know for sure that this was a mandatory change. Can you imagine having to get in touch with government agencies every time you weren’t sure if a change was significant enough to warrant an update? All of that work sounds very cumbersome on top of the rest of the duties of the day. No worries, we will do that job for you!  Enroll in Poster Compliance Center’s OneSystem 1-Year Compliance Plan and you will have a team at your fingertips to make sure that you are always in compliance. We do the work and you get all of the rewards!