The Easiest Way to Keep Your Compliance Posters Up To Date

If there’s anything we’ve learned about labor laws in our 24 years, it’s that they change frequently and sometimes unexpectedly.

One year you may experience only one mandatory labor law poster change, and then the next year there maybe four or more.

These changes may reflect yearly and time-sensitive trends taking place across the United States such as minimum wage.

But most of the time labor law poster changes are dropped on our laps from out of the blue, like the new paid sick leave and unemployment insurance laws sweeping across the nation. Or who can forget the FMLA?

While you’re reading this please ask yourself, do you have a reliable and straightforward source for information on the latest mandatory state, federal and city labor law poster changes?

Do you know if there have been recent changes to the Paid Sick Leave Poster or Minimum Wage Poster in your state or city and county?

If these answers don’t come easily, you’re definitely not alone.

Do not fret! You can always check out the most recent updates on our website or even sign up for free email notifications on changes in your state and city or county.

You’ll even receive a free ePoster for signing up!

But what if you just want all the trouble behind you?

Because who really wants to think about labor laws and order compliance posters all year long?

That’s why we created our 1-Year Compliance Plan. We wanted to make compliance as easy as humanly possible for our clients.

What is the 1-Year Compliance Plan?

It’s a service that keeps businesses up to date and in compliance with all state and federal mandatory labor law posters for 12 months. The service includes:

  • A free set of federal and state labor posters
  • Free automatic updates for an entire year
  • Free shipping on all updates
  • Free tracking of shipments
  • $41,000 Poster Violation Warranty
  • Live customer service for any and all poster questions or compliance needs

Don’t wait until the last minute to update your labor law posters. There are a lot of mandatory changes on the horizon, not to mention many that have already taken place this year.

And with all the possible and probable changes taking place to the federal labor law poster, we’re offering a very special promotion this month.

When you pay with a credit card, the federal labor law poster is free.

Free? How does that work?

When you place your order with a credit card by November 30th, 2015, whether it’s our OneSystem 1-Year Compliance Plan or a labor law poster set, we subtract the value of the federal labor law poster from your order ($16.50).

Please feel free to call us (800-322-3636) or email us ( if you have any questions or would like to take advantage of this special promotion.

You can also visit our website any time this month to access this promotion.

Because compliance is what we do best and we want you to be in on it too.