The Most Effortless Way to Maintain Poster Compliance

Changes to labor law posters happen so frequently that it could almost make your head spin. It seems like only yesterday you updated your compliance posters, and already you’re receiving an email about another mandatory change.

You”™re not alone. This is happening all over the country. States, cities and even the federal government have seen a dramatic increase in mandatory updates to compliance posters. We saw 27 states have mandatory changes at the beginning of 2015. Other changes are still pending, and even more are waiting to be voted on.

Do you know how many mandatory updates there are to labor law posters each year?

While it varies in each state, the average is about 2-3 mandatory changes each year that may affect your poster compliance. So, what are you going to do to stay on top of all of these potential updates?

You could purchase the compliance posters as the changes occur, but before you do this, please ask yourself –

  • How will you know when these mandatory changes actually occur?

And furthermore,

  • How do you know if you’re buying compliance posters when you don’t have to?

This brings us to another change that has taken place in the compliance poster industry. There has been an increase in companies that market changes that don’t actually affect your poster compliance. As a result, many businesses are spending unnecessary amounts of money on their poster compliance.

We are as shocked and appalled as you are.

How can you alleviate these concerns about compliance? The best way is to enroll in a labor law poster service. Not only is this decision guaranteed to save you money, it is also guaranteed to take the “labor” out of “labor law posters.” That way, you can focus your time on what you do best.

The top 3 reasons to subscribe to a labor law poster service

  • Automatic Poster Updates– The updates to your state and federal labor law posters would be delivered automatically for free. It’s as simple as receiving a poster update in the mail and hanging it on the wall. If you’re responsible for multiple locations, you can have the posters delivered directly to each separate location. On a labor law poster service, you can receive update notifications and you can even track the delivery online.
  • Guaranteed Compliance Protection– Most poster compliance services are backed by a warranty that guards you from any fines or penalties for added security. Warranties often cover lost or damaged labor posters, so if something happens to your posters, they can be replaced free of charge.
  • Cost Savings– You’ll save both time and money while enrolled on a labor law poster service. With all the changes taking place, it becomes costly to purchase posters multiple times a year. Since mandatory updates are all free, the compliance plan is extremely cost effective. Don’t forget all the time you’ll save now that you won’t have to think or worry about state and federal labor law posters throughout the year.

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