Welcome To Vermont Compliance Posters

Vermont may not have roadside billboards but they do have mandatory compliance poster requirements.

From Vermont – the land of Green Mountains, maple syrup, wonderful dairies and beautiful marble –  we have a new change to the mandatory labor posters.

The newest revision to the Vermont compliance posters is to its Reinstatement Rights:

– Clarifies which employers are covered (and which aren’t)

– Also, to be rehired a worker must recover from the injury within two years of the onset of disability

Vermont updated its compliance posters 3 times in past 12 months

In 2015 Vermont has the following changes:

June 2015 – Revisions to Reinstatement Rights notice

February 2015 – A new notice issued for Posting of Safety Records

January 2015 – The minimum wage was raised to $9.15 per hour or $4.57 per hour for tipped employees

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Did you also know that Vermont continues to be the national leader in the eco-friendly movement? We support that effort with our Go Green compliance posters. Check out more about our green posters in this previous post.

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Vermont Compliance Posters

Vermont Marble Quarry

Our research team is monitoring Vermont’s compliance posters so you don’t have to. So, take the labor out of labor posters and spend your time enjoying some Ben and Jerry’s on the hike along the Appalachian Trail or overlooking a marble quarry…

You can read more in our VT posts about compliance poster changes or sign up for future VT alerts.

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