Wisconsin Updates Its Unemployment Insurance Poster

For employees in Wisconsin, applying for Unemployment Insurance (UI) just got easier due to some enhancements to the application process on the state’s UI poster. The updated poster has a new revision date of 5/2017.

Here’s What Has Changed

The list of requirements for applying for benefits has been expanded to include the following:

  • Applicants must have a valid email or mobile phone number.
  • Applicants who served in the military within the previous 18 months must complete a particular form.
  • Applicants who are federal civilian employees must complete one of two forms.

The state has now provided step-by-step instructions for applying online for benefits. These user-friendly additions include how to access the new website (my.unemployment.wisconsin.gov), read and accept terms and conditions, create a username and password, find online benefit services, and then complete the application. Also included are hours during which applicants may apply online, seven days a week.

Business hours for the Department of Workforce Development have also been added for those who may need to contact the department by phone; for example, applicants who are unable to go online or need help using the online services.

Let Us Help You Stay in Compliance

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