2018 Labor Law Updates 

The Importance of Staying Compliant (It’s the Law)

We expect more than 50 changes in labor laws across the country in 2018. Are you prepared? In 2017, there were approximately 22 minimum wage poster updates. You don't want to find out the hard way that your labor law posters are no longer in compliance, especially when the associated risk could cost you in the long run. Labor law compliance is serious business.

Employment laws are changing frequently, and it seems like employers are always expected to know something new about posting requirements. If you aren't in the know about unemployment insurance, equal employment opportunity, the Polygraph Protection Act, or other state and federal laws—you should be! Knowing the most recent mandatory posting requirements is crucial to keeping your business in compliance.

All labor law posters are subject to change. You may notice that minimum wage posters tend to have the most changes. Poster Compliance Center’s dedicated research team has been working diligently to track labor law changes across the country. Based on our research, we have provided employers with a list of mandatory labor law updates you may be required to post in 2018:


State Anticipated Labor Law Update Effective Date
Alaska Minimum Wage 1/1/18
Arizona Minimum Wage 1/1/18
California Workplace Discrimination 1/1/18
California Transgender Rights 1/1/18
Colorado Minimum Wage 1/1/18
Florida Minimum Wage 1/1/18
Maine Minimum Wage 1/1/18
Minnesota Minimum Wage 1/1/18
Missouri Minimum Wage 1/1/18
New Jersey Minimum Wage 1/1/18
New York Minimum Wage 12/31/17–12/30/18
Ohio Minimum Wage 1/1/18
Rhode Island Minimum Wage 1/1/18
South Dakota Minimum Wage 1/1/18
Vermont Pregnancy Accommodation 1/1/18
Washington Minimum Wage 1/1/18
Washington Your Rights as a Worker 1/1/18
Federal Contractor Minimum Wage 1/1/18


Poster Compliance Center's Poster Options

At Poster Compliance Center, we take labor law seriously. We understand that our customers rely on us for their compliance needs; therefore, we provide an impressive variety of mandatory labor law posters and workplace supplements. These include:

  • Federal & state poster sets
  • Federal labor law posters
  • State labor law posters
  • City & county labor law posters
  • Workplace & occupational safety posters
  • Workplace signs
  • Accessories

More importantly, if keeping up with the equal employment opportunity or minimum wage poster requirements that govern your business is overwhelming, choose our OneSystem 1-Year Compliance Plan. With this service, you'll receive federal and state labor law posters, which can be ordered as separate posters or an all-on-one poster. Plus, we'll give you 12 months of mandatory poster updates at no additional charge! We also offer a 1-Year Plan for mandatory city and county posters. Our services and solutions help you maintain compliance year-round. You’ll never have to worry about changes in FLSA and other regulations when you rely on Poster Compliance Center!

We offer:

  • Laminated or eco-friendly non-laminated Go Green labor law posters
  • Spanish versions (when available)
  • Free shipping
  • 60-day return policy

Stay compliant and keep your business safe from unnecessary labor law violations, penalties, and risks. Sign up for our FREE email notifications to receive labor law alerts. Order now and prepare for 2018!​

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