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Minimum Wage by State

Alabama N/A
Alaska1 $9.84
Arizona1 $10.50
Arkansas $8.50
California $11.00 / $10.50
Colorado $10.20
Connecticut $10.10
Delaware $8.25
District of Columbia $12.50
Florida1 $8.25
Georgia $5.15
Hawaii $10.10
Idaho $7.25
Illinois $8.25
Indiana $7.25
Iowa $7.25
Kansas $7.25
Kentucky $7.25
Louisiana N/A
Maine $10.00
Maryland $9.25
Massachusetts $11.00
Michigan $9.25
Minnesota1 $9.65 / $7.87
Mississippi N/A
Missouri1 $7.85
Montana1 $8.30


Nebraska $9.00
Nevada2 $8.25 / $7.25
New Hampshire $7.25
New Jersey1 $8.60
New Mexico $7.50
New York $13.00/$12.00/$11.00/$10.40
North Carolina $7.25
North Dakota $7.25
Ohio1 $8.30
Oklahoma $7.25
Oregon $11.25/$10.25/$10.00
Pennsylvania $7.25
Rhode Island $10.10
South Carolina N/A
South Dakota1 $8.85
Tennessee N/A
Texas $7.25
Utah $7.25
Vermont $10.50
Virginia $7.25
Washington $11.50
West Virginia $8.75
Wisconsin $7.25
Wyoming $5.15
Federal $7.25
Federal Contractor $10.35


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